Concerto for Museums

Digital curation

The colorful banners and explanatory plaques that explain and contextualize exhibits for visitors are fast becoming insufficient. In an era when fans can pull up detailed engine specifications of Star Wars' Millennium Falcon on a whim, a few paragraphs about your latest exhibit won't be enough.

Concerto gives you the ability to present a large selection of content to visitors that emphasizes the key information while giving the exhibit additional depth and breadth. Imagine all of the insight and information your staff might offer if they gathered around a single exhibit with visitors for a few hours of questions and explanations. Concerto presents an opportunity to give visitors access to all of that in an approachable way.

Rich multimedia experiences

Concerto can be made to enhance nearly any exhibit with photographs, documentaries, diagrams, documents, videos, research news, and many other web-sourced media. Each screen can be graphically themed to fit its environment and offer a variety of information in a seamless fashion to visitors. A digital signage deployment no longer implies large tube televisions mounted high overhead. Instead, a variety of screen sizes and devices, large and small, can offer multimedia in the form and context that best fits an exhibit.

Museum screen

Exhibit context

Concerto can help place your museum's exhibits in context, not only within your own collections, but across collections and research from many institutions. Your screens can then be used to craft powerful digital narratives that bring it all together to highlight the importance of an exhibit. No exhibit exists in a vacuum and no one museum has all the pieces of the story. Concerto gives you the opportunity to tell the story that pulls the objects, people, research, and insight together into one place.

Long-term engagement

With stagnant funding in the face of growing expenses, museums will depend more than ever on the long-term engagement of everyday visitors. For those visitors, visiting a museum can now be more than returning home with a couple of phone photos taken from a distance. Instead, they can engage with the content you've already created (high quality imagery, relevant research or news, video tours,etc). Together with social network initiatives, this sort of engagement can build brand, drive online discussion and interest, enlarge your donor base, bring in new visitors, and help you plan new exhibits that best suit visitors' interests. But perhaps most importantly, using Concerto to help build long term engagement beyond your walls can help your museum truly be a muse to your patrons.